• Integrated real-time claims to most schemes (Discovery, Medscheme, MHG and Bestmed) with real-time patient validation to non-realtime schemes
  • Free patient validation
  • Gratis pasiënt/familie inligting invoer
  • Gratis voordeel tjek met sekere skemas (insluitend spaargeld, magtigings en netwerk dokter)
  • Eis opvolgskerm met verwerpingsoplossingsmeganisme
  • Easy electronic PDF proof of submission from claim review screen to save time
  • Elektroniese vergoedings om die akkuraatheid te verhoog en spoed te verbeter
  • Validations, claim follow up screen, ERAs and proof of submissions all contribute to easier management and increased cash flow
  • Free resubmissions and rejections

We offer the lowest price for real-time medical claim switching in the market with excellent quality of service!

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