Ons praktyk gebruik al die afgelope 10 jaar die GoodX program. Stephan is al ongeveer 8 jaar aan ons bekend wat vir ons ondersteuning bied met die program. GoodX is ‘n uitstekende program wat die bestuur van ons narkose praktyk vergemaklik en ondersteun.

Die diens en ondersteuning wat ons van GoodX (Stephan) ontvang is van uitmuntende gehalte en onskatbare waarde.

Ek kan GoodX ten sterkste aanbeveel vir enige praktyk, groepspraktyk of buro.

Was a bit challenging when I first started using it 3 years ago, but now I love it! 🙂

We have been using Goodx Software system for our medical billing services for the past 17 years. We were one of their first medical bureaux. Over the years we have built a wonderful working relationship with them. If there ever are queries or misunderstandings these are attended to swiftly. Their staff members that we have worked with along the way have always been very helpful, courteous and well informed. This level of professionalism displayed across all staff levels is indicative of the high work ethic that GoodX aspires to. I can be confident that they will always manage our data and software in the best possible manner.

It is my pleasure to confirm that we use GoodX with great success to manage our practice. The detailed reporting is of great value to me as a manager.

We receive excellent client service when needed. I can highly recommend GoodX software for practice management.

This serves to certify that we moved our practice management system to GoodX in May 2019 as it was one of the few systems that could accommodate a practice of our size. From the outset their approach was one of listening to hear what we desired instead of this is what we are giving you. As we requested quite a number of additional/extra functions they were divided into easy and more complex. The easy ones were sorted out quickly and the more complex were put into their system on a program update basis. As these were done we received updates to the program which encompassed the changes we asked for. Some were obviously more complex and more difficult to complete and were sometimes done in stages. Ten months down the line we are happy with the progress and are of the opinion that we made the correct decision by choosing their program. 

GoodX software has transformed the way we do medical billing.

SIMS has been using GoodX software since 2010, and I have to say that it has improved the way we do medical billing administration.

GoodX has given SIMS the power to control each aspect of medical account administration, from the import of member information and Electronic  Remittance Advices,  detailed financial reports and of course the ongoing and impressive GoodX Web App that is going to change the way we look at medical administration forever. Their ability to come up with customisable solutions for practices is amazing.

In my experience as an accounts specialist, I’ve never dealt with a more vibrant and helpful support team, the willingness to help, improve and satisfy is an admirable trait, they are never too busy to listen and accommodate us where possible as clients.

I have been using Good X software for around 13 years now, and the program is a brilliant PMA for my company. We administer accounts for numerous different practice types namely, Anaesthesiology, psychology & psychiatry, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and more, and good X caters for all of these. I have received great service from Rianette (my liaison) over the past few years, and I have all the support I need, from basic needs to annual price increases. My company also makes use of their remote desktop connection, and this is great for when I need to work away from the office, I always have access to the system anywhere I go and I do not need to worry about my backups as Good X does this daily. I highly recommend Good X for use by a single practice or a bureau.

We went onto the GoodX billing software in August 2016. It is an amazing billing software. User friendly, it meets the client’s needs especially with the high volume of invoices we process daily. The continuous upgrades allow us to have access to updated software.

The real time switch lowers our risk as we know which real time claims that are rejected and the reasons. The electronic ERA saves time and removes the manual allocation. This is fantastic especially with thousands of line items that need allocation.

The after sales service is exceptional – with a dedicated consultant to our team, always at our beck and call. We have recently started using the stock system as well.

The Neuberg Global team is very satisfied with the GoodX software.

We are now more than 5 years on GoodX as the provider of our medical system that we work on daily doing admissions, billing, case management as well as debtors. GoodX initially started with certain main functions, and as needed in our hospital environment expanded this to an excellent system.

They managed to develop a program for the case managers so that updating can be done daily on this program, and all necessary information, like theatre time, theatre medication, pharmacy medication, prosthesis and all high cost information that you want to highlight for a funder, can be incorporated and submitted automatically together with your clinical notes. This saves a lot of time and provides efficiency, as finger mistakes with a copy and paste system is eliminated.

The reports provide funders with the case manager contact details and from which hospital the updates are coming. The professional look and precise details in the same format for each submission ensures easy processing of information given at the funder’s side.

The system is very user friendly and the format of the system and functions are easy to use.

The support of the GoodX team is great and feedback is provided on a support system with allocated personnel on GoodX’s side to support the hospital with issues and requests for new development.

In my opinion it is a great system with the advantage of expansion and the incorporation of other programs with minimal cost implications.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend GoodX on the amazing service provided for its practitioners. I am a new GoodX user and find the system very user friendly. The switching aspect has made my practice run smoother and the option to go paperless has become a reality. I find GoodX to be an all rounded practice management software that takes its clients’ needs into consideration. I am always assisted with all queries swiftly and efficiently which has made the transition easier.

Thank you for the wonderful service.