Woman on her device - multi-factor authentication.

A Quick Guide to Multi-Factor Authentication

We’re all familiar with a simple username and password to access important information, devices, and apps – but so are attackers. How can you add an extra layer of security? This is where multi-factor authentication comes in.

Practitioner with an online Custom Clinical Form for a patient.

How Custom Clinical Forms Save Time and Effort

They say “time is money”, and this principle is crucial for any business that bills according to time. Repetitive procedures and standard forms are the perfect indicators to prompt a practice to re-evaluate its workflow to see if it can save on effort and time.

A doctor standing in front of a healthcare practice management banner

Healthcare Practice Management in a Nutshell

A healthcare practice management solution will help a practice run effectively and efficiently to provide top healthcare to patients and be financially beneficial.

Two clouds with a camera as a security upgrade and the PostgreSQL logo

GoodX Clients Security Upgrade: PostgreSQL12

GoodX maintains and upgrades the security safeguards of the GoodX Cloud and all client’s software hosted on the cloud to satisfy the risk management demands of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPIA).

A denied request form for correction or deletion of personal information.

Your Right to Retain Personal Information

Healthcare practices store a substantial amount of personal information of patients and medical debtors, who are defined as data subjects in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (the Act).

The GoodX POPI Act Compliance Framework being taught to work colleagues

Calming the POPI Act Frenzy

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has rightly been the dominant focus for healthcare practitioners, the government has not relented on the coming into effect of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPIA).

A woman signing a consent form.

The Pitfalls of Consent

The pitfalls of consent as a legal ground for processing personal information.

Group of people sitting together in a GoodX work training programme

The GoodX Work Training Programme

Do you know what a work training program is? What about its advantages? GoodX has completed its own work training program, which may prove useful to your practice.

GoodX POPIA Compliance Framework

Getting Your POPIA Ducks in a Row

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has rightly been the dominant focus for healthcare practitioners, implementing the POPIA requirements is something that every healthcare practice must pursue.

Woman standing and smiling while the system is doing a facial recognition of her

14 Benefits of Facial Recognition in a Medical Practice

Facial recognition technology is upon us in South Africa. Facial recognition is a subset of AI which can be the answer to the increased demand for healthcare services, safety and security.

Male doctor holding a medicine bottle looking at its information while checking on his EMGuidance account on his laptop

EMGuidance: Stay Updated with Medicine Information

Finding reliable resources is a tough and time-consuming challenge for any healthcare professional. EMGuidance might be the solution for you.

Doctor wearing grey scrubs and glasses while working on his laptop

Improve Your Cash Flow with Medical Factoring

It can be frustrating to wait for medical claims to pay-out. This is where Mettle’s medical factoring comes in as a simple and fast working solution.

Team of young locums reviewing documents in the corridor of the hospital

Locums in a Time of Crisis: Introducing LocumBase

Struggling to quickly find a reliable locum during the COVID-19 pandemic? LocumBase will take the risk away.

Woman doctor on a video call with a patient.

Talk to a Doctor

Looking for an easy-to-use video Doctor consultation application? Talk to a Doctor online, from the comfort of your home, with just a few clicks.

Businessman smiling while on his cellphone that just received a payment request from his practitioner.

Payment Links: What You Need to Know

Payment links, are they secure? How does one use a payment link? We’ll give you a quick run-down on what they are and which steps you should follow when you receive a payment request from your practitioner.

A patient holding her tablet busy with an online Telemed Consultation with her Practitioner

7 Simple Steps to Understanding Telemed and Payment Links

As a patient, you might be unfamiliar with the online solutions that your practitioner is using, such as Telemed and Payment Links. We will show you just how easy to use and secure these tools are.

Woman wearing mask and holding a stethoscope

Safely Practice Amidst the COVID-19 (Policy Example)

Healthcare professionals have been encouraged to remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic. But how can you help without getting infected? A policy example will be included to assist you.

7 FAQs About the POPI Act in South Africa (2020)

Are you uncertain about the POPI Act in South Africa and need your questions answered? We will be answering the top 7 most frequently asked questions to help you understand the basics.

Role-Based Access Control Explained (With an Example)

Unsure what Role-Based Access Control is? Here we will give you an explanation of what RBAC is, the benefits thereof and an example that can be used in a medical practice.

Data Backup Management for Medical Practices

Backing up your data sounds like a mundane task, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted. It’s an essential strategy for any medical practice in this day and age where technology has become a big part of our lives.

The Advantages of a Cloud-Based Medical Practice

Wondering whether you should take your practice onto the cloud? Here are a few things that you need to know before you do.

What Does It Mean To Have a Patient-Centred Care Approach

As a healthcare professional with your own medical practice, you need to treat it as the business it is. What… read more

Save and Protect Your Data and Finances Through Medical Software

The healthcare industry is data sensitive and technological improvements, such as medical software, have enabled healthcare professionals to use this data to improve their productivity. However, the question comes to mind: how safe is all this data?

Smart Medical Software for Healthcare Professionals in South Africa

Introduction Now, in order to run an efficient medical practice, you might want to invest in a complete medical practice… read more

The Different Roles and Responsibilities in a Successful Medical Practice

The owner/practitioner of a successful medical practice knows that it’s important to include different roles and responsibilities into the practice’s operations to ensure all duties are taken care of.

How to Build, Grow, and Maintain Your Medical Practice’s Brand

In this blog, we will discuss a few tips/strategies that you can follow in order to build, grow, and maintain your medical practice’s brand. Whether you are trying to revamp your practice’s image or starting from scratch, you can apply the following tips.

Getting Insured: 7 Types of Insurance to Protect Your Medical Practice

We are halfway through the series of opening a new medical practice in South Africa. In this blog, we will… read more

Buying or Leasing Your Medical Office Space: Which is Better?

As part of opening your new medical practice in South Africa, the question comes: Should I buy or lease my medical office space? How do you choose which one is better?

Get Registered: What You Need to Know Before Opening Your New Practice

As part of our series on How to Open a Medical Practice in South Africa, there are a few things you need to do before opening your medical practice. We will give you a quick guideline of where you need to get registered in South Africa before you open your doors.

How to Write a Medical Practice Business Plan

Your business plan is a powerful tool. As we mentioned before, your business plan will form your practice’s foundation and guide you through each stage of starting your new practice.

How to Open a Medical Practice in South Africa: A Quick Guideline

It takes years of education and experience to become a doctor. Now it’s time to add your own personal touch and move towards owning your own medical practice.

Wat mediese praktyke moet weet oor self diagnose met Dr Google

In 'n ideale wêreld sal die internet slegs deur pasiënte gebruik word as 'n beginpunt om vas te stel of 'n simptoom ernstig genoeg is om 'n doktersbesoek te regverdig.

Medikasie nienakoming: Hoe om pasiënte te kry om behandelingsplanne te voltooi

Although it is the patient’s responsibility to follow treatment plans, when they choose not to do so, their actions may negatively impact the reputation of your medical practice, and end fatally for the very people you’re trying to help.

Hoe mediese praktyke die risiko van dagvaring kan verminder

It doesn’t matter whether you were in the wrong or not; all it takes is one disgruntled patient, and your entire life’s work can suddenly be compromised.