GoodX Software proudly announces that they will be hosting a conference entitled Practice of the Future at Birchwood Hotel, Gauteng, on Saturday, 12 November 2022, from 08:00 to 17:00.


Topics that will be covered are

  • the benefits of a paperless practice;
  • how new technology is making the impossible possible;
  • case studies from multiple practitioners;
  • digital transformation;
  • implementing security;
  • legal compliance;
  • panel discussions with software developers;
  • industry experts discussions and exhibitions;
  • training; and
  • optimised billing.


When a healthcare practice starts using, implementing and shifting to practice management software that enables the practice to go paperless, the practice transforms for the better—going from stacked files and various cabinets to all of it being saved onto a cloud-based application. The practice will have the benefit of significantly increased office space. Files, such as debtor files, accounts, and clinical information, will transform from physical to digital. Paperless capabilities will not only save space but also costs related to office supplies. This feature gives the practice an economically and environmentally conscious edge.


The healthcare industry is data-sensitive, and technological improvements have enabled healthcare professionals to optimise their workflow to improve productivity. Healthcare professionals can use secure medical software to protect their data and finances and secure them by following best industry practices. Using a software product with the best industry standards helps the practice in its journey towards compliance.


In July 2022, it became mandatory for all South African organisations to be POPIA compliant. The practice must have the necessary privacy processes and policies in place. Additionally, all owners and staff members must be trained to understand the requirements of the POPIA. GoodX has a training platform,, where the CPD-accredited course, “An Introduction to the Protection of Personal Information in the Healthcare Practice”, is available for all practitioners and supporting staff.


GoodX takes pride in announcing that they have undergone an extensive ISO27001 Information Security audit, which they have successfully completed. The final results will be published on their website. This certification gives all clients of GoodX the peace of mind that their software provider and, therefore, their data, addresses all risks so that medical data is confidential, secure, and available.


At the GoodX Expo, you will have the opportunity to meet and greet their software developers and influence future development directions. You will have the opportunity to discuss some of the existing products and make proposals for future projects that can be developed by GoodX so that your practice runs smoothly.


You will also have the privilege to listen to industry experts in the field, such as Kobus Wolvaardt (CEO GoodX Software), Micha Klopper (Legal Representative GoodX Software), Sarie Luus (Teamlear – Documentation Team GoodX Software) and Terence Skinner (First Client Liasion GoodX Software). Several exhibitors will be present during the expo.


GoodX believes that you will reap all the benefits of attending the expo and look forward to meeting you in person to discuss Practice of the Future.