In the fast-paced world of modern healthcare, the need for efficiency, accuracy, and patient-focused care has never been greater. Traditional paper-based methods for communication and record-keeping have long been a barrier to delivering optimal patient care. Enter GoodX, a trailblazing software practice management solution specialising in automated communication systems and technologies aimed at streamlining administrative tasks and improving practice management. GoodX’s innovative solutions empower healthcare providers to make the shift towards paperless communication, allowing them to focus on what they do best: delivering exceptional patient care.


Voice-to-typing is an invaluable tool provided by GoodX that empowers practitioners to record clinical notes directly into clinical records. This feature offers a significant advantage over handwritten notes, allowing for rapid and accurate documentation of clinical observations, treatment plans, and patient interactions. Voice-to-typing captures more information than traditional written notes, enhancing the comprehensiveness of clinical records and reducing the risk of important details being missed. This technology saves precious time for healthcare professionals and contributes to more detailed and informative patient records, ultimately leading to better patient care, more efficient collaboration among healthcare teams and protection in case something goes wrong.

Paperless Consent Forms

One of the key features offered by GoodX is the ability to send paperless consent forms ahead of appointments. Patients can read and sign these forms digitally, saving time and resources for both patients and healthcare providers. This process not only streamlines administrative tasks but also ensures that consent forms are easily accessible, thus reducing the chances of paperwork getting lost or misplaced.

myGC Online Patient Portal

GoodX’s online patient portal, myGC, is a game-changer in healthcare administration. It allows for patient imports and linked-based home and kiosk registrations. This means that patients can easily register, providing accurate information while saving time and effort. The myGC portal increases accuracy in patient records, ensuring that healthcare providers have access to up-to-date and reliable patient data.

Web-based Electronic Health Records

Web-based electronic health records provided by GoodX enable healthcare professionals to access patient information anywhere and anytime. This flexibility ensures that providers can make well-informed decisions based on the latest patient data, even if they are not in their office.

POPIA Compliant Emailing

The protection of patient information is paramount in healthcare. GoodX offers POPI-compliant emailing, ensuring that referrals can be sent securely via the Grand eXchange platform. This secure link-based system allows for the sharing of health information without compromising patient privacy, facilitating easy collaboration and teamwork among healthcare professionals.

Electronic Clinical Notes and Scripting

GoodX takes paperless communication a step further by providing electronic clinical notes and electronic scripting options. This means that everything from text notes to vitals, side-room investigations, and prescription writing can be done digitally, reducing errors and improving the efficiency of clinical processes.

myGC Online Booking Portal

Patients can book their appointments online through the myGC booking portal, reducing the need for phone calls and manual scheduling. This convenience benefits both patients and healthcare providers by improving the overall appointment scheduling process.

Telehealth Consultations

With the rise of telemedicine, GoodX ensures that healthcare practices can conduct telehealth consultations through video appointments. This feature enhances patient access to care, particularly in remote or underserved areas.

Pathology Services

GoodX’s paperless solutions extend to pathology services, allowing healthcare providers to order and file test results electronically. This streamlines the diagnostic process and helps reduce the risk of errors associated with paper-based records.

Real-Time Switching and Automatic Reconciliation

GoodX’s solutions include real-time switching, patient benefit checks, and validations, as well as automatic reconciliation of electronic remittances (ERAs). This ensures that billing and claims processing are efficient and accurate, reducing the administrative burden on healthcare practices.

Paperless Reporting

The company’s paperless reporting feature provides ready-to-use and custom reports, allowing healthcare providers to access essential data for decision-making without the need for extensive paperwork.

Online Payment Links

To make payments easier for patients, GoodX offers online payment links. Patients can simply click, pay, and be done, reducing the hassle of traditional payment methods. This convenience for patients benefits the healthcare practice by reducing outstanding accounts and the consequent hated need for debt collection.

VOIP Calls

VOIP calls are another essential feature GoodX offers, enabling efficient and cost-effective communication within healthcare practices and with patients. Calls are recorded and saved to patient records.

In conclusion, GoodX’s innovative automated communication systems and technologies transform healthcare practices by facilitating a seamless transition to paperless communication. These features not only streamline administrative tasks but also enhance patient care by improving accuracy, efficiency, and convenience. With GoodX, healthcare providers can focus on their primary mission: delivering top-notch patient care.

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