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We believe doctors should focus on their patients’ wellbeing and that our systems should help make the doctor and patient’s life easier.

Over the last 35 years, GoodX has become one of the market leaders in the development of tailored medical and practice management software in the South African market.

GoodX was founded in 1985 by Dr Dirkie Wolvaardt based on years of experience, continuous research and development. This has culminated in a product that is used and trusted by practitioners and medical administrators all over Southern Africa.

The suite of GoodX medical administration and billing software was developed by a company filled with people who know and understand medical practice financial administration and management. GoodX has more than 195 employees and we take pride in having plenty of experience in the medical, financial and development fields. This combination allowed us to develop a product that is easy to use, secure, accurate and integrated. This, in turn, frees medical practitioners up to focus on their areas of speciality while our software facilitates the workflow in the office.

What makes us different?

At GoodX Software, we understand that no two businesses are alike and that when it comes to accounting software one size definitely does not fit all. We specialize in creating world-class accounting solutions that are customised to meet the specific business requirements of our clients.

Our approach is simple:

We consult with the client and gain a better understanding of the specific business requirements

Using the GoodX financial engine as the foundation, we tailor and design a solution to specifically meet the unique requirements of the client

The program is developed and goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure the solution is functioning optimally

After testing, the solution is implemented. The implementation phase includes installing the software and training the staff to utilise the software solution to its fullest.

The last phase includes the solution management and maintenance phase. During this phase comprehensive product and user support is provided and product updates are provided to ensure that your solution does not date.

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Patient Web App Portal

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Business Connections

MediConnect is unique in that we have expertise in just about every aspect of healthcare consulting and practice management. Access to so many resources enables us to help clients increase profits, improve patient and employee satisfaction, and reduce administration and financial stress for the practitioners and staff.

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With its origins in middleware, the name preLink belies its power and potential. Initially designed to improve the efficiency of legacy mainframe systems, preLink has grown to become a best of breed standalone laboratory information management system with unique features that have proven to improve workflow and solve typical problems experienced in today’s busy laboratory.

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Dotmed Solutions was established in 2008 as a South African medical software services and solutions company. Our company was born out of a desire to build a dynamic and profitable solutions company that provides reputable software and support solutions to the South African Medical market.

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Nexion is a highly affordable and easy-to-use cash flow management system developed specifically for medical practices to eliminate the complex manual receipting and reporting processes.

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MedFinSA provides a wide bouquet of services. From Medical Bureau Services, Debt Collection and Insurance, to HR Management and Industrial Relations, General IT and VoIP.

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iQEST is the IT solutions division of Qestmed. Fully integrated IT solutions from online customer ordering to distribution and warehousing systems to enable efficient despatch and tracking of stock.

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LocumBase.com is the independent platform that connects medical practices, pharmacies and clinics with verified practitioners via a frictionless management platform. Our plan has always been to empower medical professionals and that opportunity has never been more important. Can we take it on? Yes, we can! Now more than ever your availability is in demand. We are counting on you to step up, be the hero we need in this scary time...and after, in what will be a "New Normal". Sign up to do your part. Join the LocumBase Community. Be ready for the Locum Revolution.

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