As a practitioner operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, you run the risk of staff or yourself getting infected. Running the necessary precautions and safety measures certainly helps protect yourself from the virus, however, the chance to get infected still remains. 

This is where locums come in handy. Locums can assist you during staff shortages or to stand in when you as the practitioner have to take sick leave. Finding a reliable locum in a short span of time can prove to be quite challenging. 

LocumBase is an online and independent platform that brings practitioners and locums together through a simplified locum booking process. Eliminate the risk, frustration and expenses that come along with searching for a locum on your own. 

LocumBase will be able to assist you whether you’re a locum looking for extra income or a medical professional looking for a reliable locum. 

Table of Contents

  1. Locums in Time of Crisis 
  2. Introduction to LocumBase
  3. How LocumBase Helps

Locums in Time of Crisis

As mentioned earlier, a practitioner can follow the necessary precautions in order to protect themselves from getting infected. However, there is always the slight chance of getting infected. 

The other disruptive effect that this virus has on a practice is the shortage of staff in order to reduce the risk of getting infected. 

In the case where a practitioner gets infected, he or she may face the fact that they will need to close the practice’s doors temporarily. The practice won’t be able to assist patients, which will result in a negative financial outcome

However, this is where locums can play a crucial role during this time of crisis. Locums can help maintain coverage while infected practitioners have time to heal. This will keep the practice’s doors open and give patients access to healthcare. 

Introduction to LocumBase

LocumBase is the independent platform that connects medical practices, pharmacies and clinics with verified practitioners via a frictionless management platform. 

“We envision a future where people-centred healthcare is present at a click of a button.”

LocumBase is not an agency nor a recruiter but an organisational tool that forms a solid base to start a locum’s career or to grow a practitioner’s practice. They provide a supportive ecosystem for locums and practitioners. 

“We are counting on you to step up, be the hero we need in this scary time…and after, in what will be a “New Normal”. Sign up to do your part. Join the LocumBase Community. Be ready for the Locum Revolution.”

How LocumBase Helps

In the situation where a practitioner does get infected and does not wish to close their practice, they can make use of a locum to fill in for them. Yet, it can be expensive, frustrating and risky to find a reliable locum in a short space of time. 

This is where LocumBase can help. As an online platform, LocumBase offers a simplified locum booking process for any practitioner. Both practitioners and locums can sign up to join LocumBase

Just moments after signing up, a practitioner can browse through the locum community of quality practitioners and check their availability. This will significantly save time and money for the practitioner. 

Thanks to LocumBase’s comprehensive vetting process, one can be sure that your practice and patients are in safe hands. The process includes the investigation from the HPCSA, SAPC and SANC so that a practitioner can get a reliable locum at a moment’s notice

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