It can be hard to keep up to date with the latest online solutions as technology is always changing and evolving. The medical industry is no stranger to new technology, however, patients too need to stay updated. 

Just like your practitioner, you too as the patient need to adapt to new technologies. During this global pandemic, practitioners are encouraged to keep their doors open and assist the public. And as mentioned in our previous blog, to safely practice amidst the COVID-19, one of the guidelines mentioned was using Telehealth. 

Telehealth is simply a video consultation between a practitioner and his or her patient that eliminates the risk of spreading the virus. GoodX Software has developed the Telemed feature for this purpose. There is an added feature that helps the patient to immediately and effortlessly pay for the consultation.  A payment link is an online payment method that is sent by the practitioner to the patient after the consultation and as soon as the patient clicks on the payment link, the patient is taken to a secure online payment portal.  

Here follow the easy steps as to how you can make your own Telemed booking with your practitioner as well as how you can pay for the consultation through a Payment Link in a quick and secure manner. We will also include an infographic of the steps. 

Table of Contents

  1. Telemed and Payment Links Infographic
  2. Scheduling a Telemed Booking
  3. Using a Payment Link
  4. Valuable Links

Telemed and Payment Links Infographic

Step-by-step infographic describing Telemed and Payment Links
Step-by-step infographic describing Telemed and Payment Links

Scheduling a Telemed Booking

If you receive an SMS or email message from your practitioner confirming that they are able to do video consultations via Telemed, you will find a link in the message that you can click on to make a Telemed booking.

Once you have clicked on the link, you will be directed to the myGrandCentral (myGC) online Booking site. There you will either register on myGC or log in if you have an existing myGC account. 

You can then book your Telemed consultation on myGC or alternatively, you can contact the practice to make a Telemed appointment on your behalf. After finalising the booking, you will receive an SMS or email confirming your booking. This message will also include a link to your Telemed Booking. 

On the scheduled date and time, click on the Telemed Booking link and get ready for your Telemed consultation with your practitioner. Take note that the video calls are not recorded as per regulations of the HPCSA. Once the consultation is finished, you can just end the call.

Using a Payment Link

After your Telemed consultation, your practitioner will send you a Payment Request via SMS or email. This message will include a payment link. Simply click on the link to continue with your payment. 

You will be directed to myGC where you will have to either:

  • enter the relevant RSA ID number if you don’t have a myGC account, or
  • log in to your myGC account and go to the Accounts tab where you can select the invoice you wish to make a payment for.

Once you have done either of these, you will be transferred to the FNB payment page. After making the payment, the practitioner will be notified of your payment. 

Valuable Links

Feel free to visit our online Learning Centre with detailed step-by-step instructions: